We are a small family farm located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, about 25 miles from Madison. We raise happy, healthy grassfed beef, pasture-raised chicken and free range hens.

We understand life is busy, but you still want healthy food for your family and you want to know where your food comes from. Come visit our farm and see our happy cows grazing on grass and chickens running around feeding on bugs.  In the summer we run our animals through large pastures letting them do what they were created to do – graze and fertilize. This animal parade helps to create healthy soil and healthier animals, which then convert to healthier people!


New on the Farm – Our Farm Store!

We are so excited about our farm store. You’ll find our beautiful free range eggs, pasture-raised frozen chickens, grassfed beef and raw bones for dogs or bone broth. We also sell our homeade bone broth which is so good for your immune system, joints and bones!  Our store hours are on Saturdays from 1 to 6 pm. or feel free to contact us by emailing us at beefnbeaks@gmail.com.

Social Media

Like us on Facebook and learn about the way we farm, see farm pictures and sign up for our summer farm events. Also, feel free to email us for a tour of our farm at beefnbeaks@gmail.com. We are always happy to show you how it all works. 🙂


See you at the farm!

Dan and Kris Paape   *   BeefnBeaks Farm  *  920-478-2045  *  beefnbeaks@gmail.com