BeefnBeaks Farm


“Healing the Land, Healing the People, and Healing the Culture One Bite at a Time”~Joel Salatin

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you enjoy your stay. Of course, we would much rather meet you in person!  At our farm, we strive to provide safe food for you and your family from grassfed beef to pasture-raised fresh frozen chicken to delicious farm fresh eggs!  We don’t use chemicals, sprays, or hormones on any of our crops or our animals.

At BeefnBeaks, our cattle graze the land and we move them around. Our chickens then follow them while hunting and pecking out all of the fly larvae out of the cowpies and leaving their own “treasures” as well. The pasture is then left to “rest,” and then grows ever more fertile until the next round when the beef come back to graze. It’s the wonderful, awesome cycle of nature – the way it oughta be!


Please feel free to come out to the farm and bring the kids too. Just give us a call to make sure we are here for you. Your kids can help Farmer Kris find blue, tan, brown or white eggs in the chicken coop, hold a chicken, help us feed the chickens, do the chores, or pet a cow. If your family would like to a take a ride in the back of our pickup truck with us down our mile-long trail to see the marsh, pond and springs, we have been known to make that happen too!

At our farm we offer farm tours, farm camps for kids, dinners on the farm, workshops and A Farmhouse Christmas handmade craft show in December. Check out the website for more details on all of our events!

DSC_1011 pier

There’s lots to see down our trail – every wild creature you can imagine – and lots of nature – ponds, springs, marsh, and woods. It feels like a whole different world in the “Back 40!” DSC_0191


Come on out for a taste of the country life!

Dan Paape, Top Cow (They follow him everywhere) and

Kris Paape, Chief Chicken Wrangler (I follow them everywhere)

BeefnBeaks Farm

N8248 Hwy. O Waterloo, WI  53594


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