The Beaks



Our chickens live a happy life on our farm. They get outside, enjoy the sunshine, run around, peck bugs, take dust baths, roost on their logs, and generally do what chickens love to do every day.  They eat homegrown chicken feed that we call chicken granola because it looks good enough to eat ourselves! It is home-milled with grain from seed that is open-pollinated whenever possible.  After wondering what the ingredients were in the feed we were buying at the feed store, we decided to eliminate the problem by making our own grains on the farm.  This savory granola includes a mixture of milled grains which include homegrown open-pollinated corn, wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, egg shells, organic soy and sunflower seeds which contain all of the necessary protein and nutrients they need to be healthy and happy; but, most importantly, they love it! They also love my table scraps – tomatoes and watermelon rinds are their favorite!


EGG LAYERS – Pretty Eggs!

We have a variety of egg-laying chickens that run all over the farm. They include gold stars, white rock, barred rock, California whites, americanas, silver lace wyandotte, production reds, buff orpington and silkies which make for quite a beautiful coop of girls who delight us with their colors, sounds, antics, and beautiful eggs!  We have light blue, white, tan and brown eggs to make your egg carton look like Easter year round!  The girls eat our homemade chicken granola which helps put better nutrients into our eggs and contributes to their overall nutritious awesomeness!

The eggs cost $4/dozen.



We also carry broilers which we also raise on our farm and have processed locally at Abendroth’s Hatchery in their state-licensed kitchen.  Again, you are what you eat, and these chickens are raised on our special blend of good, clean homegrown chicken granola and let’s not forget the bugs they find all over the cow pasture – their all-time favorite. Now THAT’S protein! Peck, peck, slurp, slurp! yum! yum!

No worries about a sad life spent at a factory farm, growth hormones, or chicken feed filled with who knows what. Your chicken dinner will be something you can be proud to serve at your dinner table. You can be sure the chickens are healthy and wholesome for you and your friends and family.

The chickens are raised to about 4-6 pounds and are sold for $4/lb. each.


You can find Farmer Kris at the Whitewater City Market on Tuesdays, the Lake Mills Farmer’s Markets on Wednesdays and the Sun Prairie Farmer’s Market on some Saturday mornings. (She switches off with another beef vendor). She looks forward to meeting you!