The Beef


Our hereford beef cattle are all raised on our family farm which includes a mile-long trail that leads to acres of pasture, open-pollinated cornfields, a large marsh, and finally, the “Back 40” which is 40 acres of woods that you can literally get lost in. Trust me, I, Kris, got lost in it one day!

All of our beef are pastured for the majority of the year.  They are happy cows with acres of room to roam in the sunshine.  The cattle are grassfed. Yes, we know that at some point in a cow’s life, they are all considered “grassfed,” so that term has lost its meaning over the past few years, but do you see this picture? This is one of the fields that the cows graze in. Now that’s grass fed!  Of course, since we live in Wisconsin where you can’t quite grow grass all year long, the large field next to it is where Farmer Dan makes hay for the winter months.


hay field

Because we are a small family operation, we are able to offer our customers the option of beef finished entirely on pasture or finished on our homegrown non-gmo grain. If you have a preference, please let us know well in advance; however, most of our customers want the cows to be grassfed only because well, cows are herbivores, don’t ya know.


Enjoy the beef and know that you are getting meat the way it oughta be – with no pink slime, no red food coloring, and no fillers.  Beef can be purchased individually in packages or by quarters, halves and wholes when available.


We don’t like January much.