Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

18670777_1445098689131230_6246326860005936021_nJoin us on Sunday afternoon, May 19th (rain or shine) from 1 pm to 3 pm with Forager and Naturalist Jim Neevel as we take our 3rd Annual nature walk down the trail and discover “weeds” (or food) we can either eat right away or make into teas or smoothies to keep us healthy.

Bring your notebook and pen because Forager Jim will blow your mind with his knowledge of plants, flowers, grasses and trees. Bring your older kids, too, if you think they can make the half to mile long walk through the pasture, marsh and woods — and don’t forget to wear your walking shoes too!

When we come back from the the walk, Forager Jim will collect some of our treasures and he will blend us up some delicious and nutritious smoothies.  Imagine putting nettles in your smoothie? Yep, and you will love it! He’ll also have some tasty and nutritious satchels and natural sodas for us to try.

Sign up at beefnbeaks@gmail.com before May 3rd.  The cost is $10/person and $5 for kids age 5 and over.

See you on the trail!