Edible and Medicinal Plant Walk

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Forager and Naturalist, Jim Neevel will once again take us on a walk down our mile long trail. He will show us which plants are actually not weeds, but food, that are really healthy for us.  He will also show us how some plants can be used in medicinal ways.  It’s always so fascinating to listen to him teach us how many “weeds” really aren’t weeds at all!

For example, did you know that nettles are one of the most protein rich foods in the world?   You have to be very careful how you harvest them (or you will get an itchy rash), but if you whirl it into a blender with fruits and veggies, it’s delicious and super nutritious – and a nettle smoothie will literally “feel the health” running through your body!  It’s pretty amazing!  Forager Jim has so many new things to teach us like that so make sure you bring your notebook because he will blow your mind with his knowledge of all things in the woods!