Farm Camp for Kids

farm camp

The average kid today is three generations away from the farm. The average farmer is 63 years old. We need farmers, so let’s do something about that!

This year our 4th Annual Farm Camp for Kids will run from August 5th-9th from 9 am-noon.  Our farm campers, ages 6-12 (ish) will get opportunities to help with farm chores, but will also get into nature down our one-mile trail into the woods, the pastures and the marsh. There they will explore animal tracks, identify leaves, bark, bugs, and flowers and will discover how some “weeds” aren’t really weeds at all, but are actually edible, and we’ll make delicious smoothies out of them!

We’ll play water games outside, create nature journals, have a nature scavenger hunt and even create some farm-inspired art! Farm campers will also help with chores by feeding our chickens, getting the eggs out of the coop and they’ll also get a hayride down our trail to the five acre garden. They will learn how everything works on a farm — in a fun, farm kid sort of way!

Kids are always hungry so we have fun “finding” food on the farm and we make meals out of them! For example, on the first day, after learning all about chickens, they’ll help me gather the eggs out of the chicken coop, and then we’ll make scrambled eggs and toast, and after exploring the big garden, we’ll pick tomatoes, peppers, and basil and we’ll make pizza! Harvesting cucumbers always leads to pickle making, and shaking cream to make butter and ice cream will always find a place of honor on a cob of corn or on a delicious plate of apple crisp!

New this year is a day trip to a dairy farm!  My friend, Tina Hinchley and her husband, run farm tours on their farm, Hinchley Dairy Farm, in Cambridge.  Farmer Tina will be showing our campers the life of a dairy farmer up close and personal. We’re super excited about this! 🙂

On Friday, August 9th, the last day of camp, the kids will invite two special guests of their choosing (usually mom and/or dad, a sibling or grandma and/or grandpa) to come to our farm-to-table dinner where the campers will help me make and serve their guests.  From appetizer to dessert, the farm campers get to explain to our guests where each of their dinner courses came from.  It’s important for kids to know where their food comes from, but it’s also a lot of fun to make, serve, and eat it! After dinner the farm campers can show their guests around the farm and can check out our farm store too!

Sign up for camp soon as the slots fill up fast! Registration is due by June 25th. The cost is $165/camper payable on June 25th.  You can register by contacting Farmer Kris at

We hope to see your child at farm camp. We promise it will be a week filled with unforgettable farm memories!


Farm campers with our cat, Cricket. 🙂


Happy Farm Campers 🙂

farm camp boys on tractor

batman and chickens

Even superheroes make appearances at farm camp! 🙂

farm camp evelyn chicken

Evelyn loves the chickens 🙂

kids in woods farm camp

Exploring the woods!

tomatoes farm camp

Those cherry tomatoes taste like candy!