Farm Camp

farm campThis year will be our 3rd year of farm camp for kids. We really enjoy this week! The average kid today is three generations away from the farm. Let that sink in a minute. These are kids who have never had the opportunity to jump in the hay, pet a chicken or a calf, get a ride on a tractor or have fun on a hayride. We are happy to allow your kids to have these opportunities and let me tell you, they LOVE it!!

The farm camp runs for five days, every morning from 9 to noon the first week in August. At farm camp, we concentrate on both nature and farming. The first half of the morning we get out and learn about nature by walking down our trail and discovering things like animal tracks, hickory nuts and identifying flowers, weeds, and all things nature. The kids make a nature journal and we have a fun nature scavenger hunt towards the end of the week where they get to identify everything they’ve learned during the week.

Of course, all kids gotta eat and they get hungry, so we focus the second half of the morning on farming and food – farm to table food, of course!  On the first day, we learn about chickens and eggs and the kids help me get the eggs out of the chicken coop. Last year I made them scrambled eggs and toast for their snack and one of the things that surprised me most was how much better they said our eggs tasted than the ones they were used to eating at home!

We go through the week like this – making things like bread and butter pickles. Hey, did you know pickles come from cucumbers? Then, we pick through the garden looking for basil, green peppers, and onions and then we make pizza. We pick apples and make apple crisp and we pick corn and make mason jar butter for their corn and mason jar ice cream for their apple crisp. We also play water games to keep them cool and paint a farm scene on canvas along with a few extra fun activities.  So much fun!

On the last day of camp, the kids help me make a farm-to-table lunch for two guests that they each invite. They are responsible helping me make the food in the morning, setting the table and finally, for serving their guests each course and finally, cleaning up after them. They do a wonderful job and they love to tell their guests how much fun they had at farm camp!

cute calfFischer Lauren and TimmyFischer on tractorFischer and Timmy drinking milk



See you at farm camp in August!