Where to Find Us


Weekly Deliveries to the East and West Sides of Madison

We deliver to the east side and west side on Friday afternoons.  On the east side we can meet you at the Woodman’s store parking lot at 12:30 p.m., or we can meet you at the Whole Foods parking lot on University Avenue at 1:15 pm.  Let us know if either of these locations work better for you.  Please email us at beefnbeaks@gmail.com with your order and we will be sure to get you on the list!

Local and CSA Deliveries

Exciting news! This year we have teamed up with Linnea Phillips from Rock Lake Organics https://www.rocklakeorganics.com/ where we will be offering our grassfed beef and eggs along with her amazing organic fresh produce.   If you are local, we can deliver that right to your door.  Just shoot us an email and let us know if you’re interested and what you would like!

On Farm Sales

If you’d prefer to come out to the farm to buy our products,  send us an email at beefnbeaks@gmail.com and come out to the farm. Feel free to take a farm tour and see the cows grazing in the grass, or pet a chicken or a farm kitty!

morning chicken

Good morning beautiful farm!

cute calf