Farmer-to-Table Harvest Dinner

Our Very First Farmer-to-Table Harvest Dinner Event Was a Big Success!!

farm dinner sign

Thank you to everyone who came out for our first farm-to-table event!  It was a full house (okay, tent) and we all had so much fun.  Here are just a few pictures of our big event in August!

Adam John carrots chairs chrissy hayride couple flaggies having fun jackie and kris jenny and jimmy flower kris hayride Kris speech matt and jackie Rob and wines Rhonda and cake table setting strawberry lemonade tomatoes tent randy with chicken Tiffany straw tent peeps tables wayne road

jason dunn appetizer


farm to table


So fun!! 🙂

Everyone’s always talking about “farm-to-table,” but on August 22nd, we had the REAL deal!  Everyone got their meal served literally right on the farm or from a farm we trust that grew our food and ate it outside under a big tent – right on our farm!  Now, THAT’S farm-to-table!

When we reached out to local small businesses to get on board with us, we received such amazing and generous responses!  Rob Lewis, of Lewis Station Winery in Lake Mills, one of our sponsors, generously offered to provide us with wonderful local wines to try, and we had an awesome local food tasting teaser appetizer during our reception time prepared by Chef Jason Dunn. Amazing! Jim’s Cheese, of Waterloo, also served as one of our sponsors as well.

Another wonderful sponsor, Sun Prairie’s Market Street Diner, prepared their famous Cider Roast Chicken made with our own homegrown chickens, along with roasted organic garlic red, white and blue potatoes and roasted honey glazed carrots grown by organic farmer Bill Marty, of Earth Fresh Acres near Aztalan (Lake Mills). Rhonda and Abbey Wethal of The Farm Kitchen in Stoughton, served their beautiful and delicious pies and decorated cakes. I’m pretty sure they were the real reason we had such a big turnout! 🙂  After dinner, we had fireside snacks around the campfire. Chef Charles Fiesel made some delightful bruschetta that he passed out to everyone. Delicious!

Along with appetizers and wine tastings, our guests also had the options of taking two tours on the farm – the flower and veggie tour, where they saw how our friends, Myshua and Lee, transformed five acres of our land into a beautiful flower and veggie garden over the summer. It is truly a sight to behold!  Our guests could also take the BeefnBeaks hayride farm tour, where Farmer Dan and Kris showed our guests how we farm our land – it’s just a little bit different than what the average farmer out there does!  How do you raise crops and animals without chemicals, sprays or hormones? We’ll show you how! You let the animals do all the work!

It’s the way it oughta be!

chickens and plates


Farmer Dan and Farmer Kris